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A few random opportunities in AI for Social Good

Recently a few friends have reached out asking if I knew of any opportunities to work on AI-related things that also have some kind of pro-social tie-in. I think a lof people see AI as a technology with a lot of potential, but in an environment of companies that don’t seem to prioritize the benefit of human-kind over the never-ending hype machine and the promise of hyperscale growth.

So I asked around a few places to see if folks had recommendations for using skills in machine learning or artificial intelligence, but in a context that was explicitly for the benefit of humanity or otherwise pro-social. Here are a few that stood out (they are 100% not vetted, I’m just passing along information in case it’s useful so please tell me if there’s something wrong or problematic in here):

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Report from FOSDEM23: beautiful chaos in a conference

I recently attended FOSDEM 2023, my first FOSDEM! I had heard of the conference before, but hadn’t really looked into it too much. Fortunately, after some urging from friends and social media, I took a deeper look and decided I should join to see what all the fuss was about.

Here are a few things that I noticed while I was there.

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Ask Twitter: Why don’t academic researchers use cloud services?

this is an experiment at making my Twitter conversations a bit more useful and archivable over time. It’s going to be a bit messy and unpolished, but hopefully that makes it more likely I’ll actually do it :-)

Over the past decade, cloud infrastructure has become increasingly popular in industry. An ecosystem of modular tools and cloud services (often called the Modern Data Stack) has filled many data needs for companies.

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