A few random opportunities in AI for Social Good#

Recently a few friends have reached out asking if I knew of any opportunities to work on AI-related things that also have some kind of pro-social tie-in. I think a lof people see AI as a technology with a lot of potential, but in an environment of companies that don’t seem to prioritize the benefit of human-kind over the never-ending hype machine and the promise of hyperscale growth.

So I asked around a few places to see if folks had recommendations for using skills in machine learning or artificial intelligence, but in a context that was explicitly for the benefit of humanity or otherwise pro-social. Here are a few that stood out (they are 100% not vetted, I’m just passing along information in case it’s useful so please tell me if there’s something wrong or problematic in here):

  1. DataScience for Social Good (DSSG):

    • DSSG leverages data science to tackle social challenges and will likely intersect with the AI/ML space as well.

  2. Dataseer:

    • Uses AI but in the context of research paper analytics for scholarly knowledge generation.

  3. Ersilia:

    • Provides data science tools for infections and neglected disease research, largely for universities, hospitals, and laboratories in low-resourced countries.

  4. Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI):

    • CZI has an open position for Director of Artificial Intelligence across CZI’s programs.

  5. DAIR Institute:

    • DAIR is a space for independent, community-rooted AI research, free from Big Tech’s pervasive influence.

  6. Open@RIT:

    • Does a lot of work at the intersection of open science, data science, and open source technology, and is involved in some projects with ML/AI.

  7. Policy and Ethics in AI:

  8. A recent AI for Good Panel Discussion:

    • The panel, hosted by Deeplearning.AI, explored real-world problem-solving using AI.

  9. Stanford Human-Centered AI group (HAI):

    • HAI at Stanford focuses on human-centric AI research, with research opportunities.

  10. Open Science Initiatives in AI:

  11. Data research, advocacy, and technology institutes:

This is not even close to an exhaustive list, but it’s what came out of this relatively simple question. Maybe somebody will find these useful to follow up on! I was encouraged by how many people responded to my questions - it seems like the intersection of AI and social good is on many people’s minds.